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"He not only looks like Hank Marvin, but could
almost be him on stage"
- Guitar & Bass magazine

"Daish has captured Marvin's clean guitar sound
and playing subtleties"
- Stage magazine

"He's just like Hank!"
- Cliff Hall, Shadows' keyboard player

Justin specialises in the music of Hank Marvin and the Shadows
and on request is able to present a dedicated Hank Marvin tribute
show. Many who hear Justin play, whether with the Shadowers or
as a solo performer, state that they cannot tell his playing apart
from Marvin's.

When Justin performs this show there is a striking similarity
between himself and Marvin, as even acknowledged by various
members of the Shadows themselves. This means the show is
visually accurate too, including all of the famous steps!

With both the look and sound, Justin is undoubtedly recognized
as one of the UK's top solo Hank Marvin tribute performers.
Copyright 2013, Justin Daish