Taking a final bow
These are comments received from some audience members who have seen
the Shadowers play:

"I thought someone had put one of the Shads'
records on!" -
Bruce Welch

"Of all the Shadows bands we have seen, the Shadowers are
the group we would like to book for our event."

"You're the best band we've ever had play here!"

"At times I closed my eyes, and I could have been listening to
the original Shadows record!"

"Matt is the only the second keyboard player I've ever seen
Equinoxe V properly without miming or sequencing ... the
other is Cliff Hall!"
- Alan Jones

"The individual performances from you all were truly virtuoso
in every case."

"I was delighted to hear the closest thing to 'That Sound' I
think I have ever heard. You had to be impressed by the
quality of the lead sound, but this does not omit the rest of
the band: the overall sound was superb."

"People like to have 'fireworks', and after booking the
Shadowers, we know for sure that we have a top act!"

"I wanted to say how impressed I was by the whole
performance; the choice and variety of material, the truly
authentic sound coupled with that tightness necessary to any
Shads performance."

"I'm coming to see you guys play live, and I really can't

"You produced some excellent sounds."

"We agreed that you were by far the best group of the
evening's billing."

"After hearing you, I can say confidently that 'That Sound' is
most definitely in safe hands!"

"The cohesion and balance was so refined, professional and

"I appreciate many of the opinions expressed [regarding
'That Sound' of the early Shadows recordings], but everything
in my opinion fades into insignificance against the sound
Justin generated . . . the sound he produced was fabulous."

"Steve's use of the acoustic guitar on rhythm just added so
much more of an authentic overall sound."

"That was the best
Wonderful Land echo I've ever heard!"

"That was the sound I remember from when I saw the
Shadows live in the sixties!"