The Shadowers
The Shadowers
"I thought someone had put one of the Shads' records on!"
Bruce Welch
Welcome to the Shadowers' website!

Steve, Matt, Alan, Nigel and Justin collectively make up the "must see"
Shadows band on the modern theatre scene. Their polished tribute to the
legendary instrumental group is so authentic that they have received
compliments from members of the Shadows themselves. The late, great
Jet Harris requested the Shadowers become his backing group - a role they
gladly performed until his death in March 2011. The group's own bass player
is none other than Alan Jones - a man who performed and recorded with the
Shadows for many years.

The Shadowers present a show crammed full of variety of Shadows material:
from everyone's favourite early hits (
Apache, Wonderful Land, FBI); to later
output (
Equinoxe V, Cavatina, Riders in the Sky). There will be vocals from
the Shadows; Marvin, Welch & Farrar; and, of course, Cliff Richard. There will
always be some surprise material and there is often the possibility of the
appearance of a special guest or two.

Please read the individual musicians' biographies to familiarise yourself with
the band members. The Shadowers' mixture of experience and youth brings
professionalism yet an exciting energy to the stage, and the band's love of
the music guarantees the magic of the Shadows' live performances will
always be retained. World class reproduction of the Shadows' live and
recorded sounds, combined with humour, tight vocal harmonies and the
all-important "Shadows Walk" ensure a night of entertainment that will
leaving you crying for more.

The band and crew hope to see you at a gig in the near future.