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Justin uses Fender Stratocasters made in the Fender Custom
Shop in California, USA. His main Stratocaster was built by
Fender's Senior Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov. They feature
custom wiring and are fitted with Slider's Vintage Classic pickups
and VML's Easy-Mute tremolo arms and Total Tension system.

His acoustic is a Veracruz MOD-775.


Justin's echo unit is a customsied, valve Meazzi Echomatic tape
machine. This echo unit is one of the most influential factors in
the warmth of Justin's sound and his accurate emulation of the
Shadows' lead guitar sound. More information on this very unit
can be found on the excellent site, where Justin
himself explains the history of his machine.


Justin's choice of amplifier is an original fawn-coloured JMI-era
Vox AC15, believed to have been made in late 1960. It sports a
rare black control panel (a feature discontinued in early 1961).
For selected performances Justin links the AC15 to a Vox AC30
for a wider spread of sound. This AC30 is again an original
JMI-era amplifier, likely to have been manufactured in 1963.
Both amps still feature their original Celestion G12 speakers.
Copyright 2013, Justin Daish