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Justin would like to thank:

Monty & Guinevere Daish

Phil Kelly

Barry & Audrey Knapp

His colleagues in the Shadowers and the team of people who
assist the group

Brian "Licorice" Locking, Jet Harris MBE (RIP) & Bruce Welch


Amanda Hambidge; Alan Taylor; Eddie & Roger Trim; Lan Xi;
Karen Shead; Eric White; Tom Andrews; Jim & Elaine Roebuck;
Kitty Enevoldsen; Ulf Lindemark; Non Davies & Val Mizen;
Keith Robins (photographer); Keith Robbins (guitar technician);
all past & present members of the South West Shadows Club;
Jimmy Clarke; Joe Ferdinand; James Budden; Henry Harden;
Ben Longman & Sarah Sparks; the much missed Eunice Sparks

Configured Computers

Mark Astbury and the team at Beatwear
Copyright 2013, Justin Daish